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Writing the best thesis: An opinion from degree completed Ph.D. students

In your education journey, the final and important stage is thesis or dissertation writing which needs to be clear and effective. Ah! As a Ph.D. student, you may struggle a lot to get your research output and results same as of me. Here I am writing few tips to complete your thesis/dissertation. Before starting your research work you have done some base works like literature review, problem statement, the motivation of research and objective of research right, Get those things prepared; if you missed also no problem.

To write a quite impressive dissertation some basic things are:

  1. Prepare Thesis Outline

  2. Conduct effective literature review and describe limitation of research

  3. Describe research methodology of your research

  4. Present results obtained with clear description

  5. Proof-read your thesis

  6. Get feedback

The outline needs to be the crisp and up-to-the-point of your research. Thesis outline need to provide an answer to questions like the importance of your research, the methodology adopted, and outcome of research. While start writing with thesis writing, one may feel enthusiastic in starting but due to time limitation or other work thesis writing may frustrate them; at this time one always remember certain key elements in writing a thesis:

key elements in writing a thesis

These things need to be incorporated in every research based on individual research things may vary. After completing your thesis writing proof –read your document is necessary to check content flow, grammatical error, and punctuation, spell checking, technical writing etc. and get feedback from your guide. Once you include all these things and provided proper explanation than you can able to clearly present your research work in a meeting.

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