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Why is plagiarism an unacceptable academic practice?

Plagiarism is an act of taking others ‘ideas, images, writings and desires to put their name on it. Regarding both credit and content, it acts as one of the intellectual thefts.

In the academic field, ethical practice requires transparency where it helps to provide credit to all the original authors. Credit plays an important part because it plays a major part in receiving funds, awards, opportunities, and positions.

  • It is significant to acknowledge other people’ work not only text but also other media files like graphs, illustrations, computer code, pictures etc.

  • Clearing the exams with the help of others work is not only poor scholarship but also it indicates that they have failed to complete the learning process.

  • Students or scholars must avoid plagiarism because they must produce good quality of work. By understanding the way of citing and giving proper reference provides a way to steer off plagiarism completely.

In order to avoid plagiarism completely, scholars must learn to employ good academic principles from the time of starting their career. It is not just a matter of thing for student or scholar to avoid plagiarism for that they have to check whether their references are authoritative or not? Paraphrasing is acceptable? One of the best ways is to use their academic skills to create a good quality of work or else the students can approach companies who provide academic writing services. Also, these companies provide contents with least or zero plagiarism with proper attestation of authors’ credit and the chances of self-plagiarism and intentional plagiarism are avoided.

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