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Important writing styles for writing papers

There are various styles of writing. Aspects that create the writer’s styles include tone, voice, pacing, word choice, and usage of technical aspects of writing. Here writing styles in English are discussed below:

Word Choice:

Word choice is very important that establishes writing as skilled, important, and unique. Using specific, vibrant words conveys the exact content along with voice and tone. Changing even single words can completely change the voice, tone, and style. Choosing exact words in a context and expression makes a great writer. The average writer uses common words in most of the situations. Word choice is delicate; each word has a different shade of context and meaning.


Voice is basically the way of words were written or expressed. Writers compose their works in their own voice or sometimes they adopt a voice for portraying a particular character or feeling. In such cases describing the voice in writing is quite difficult. But if the writer has a distinct voice, then it can be easily identified on the page. One must understand the voice required to write each type.


A tone is represented through viewpoint, syntax, diction, and level of formality. A tone is more specific while the voice is more general. The tone is all about attitude. For instance: for writing a business article, the tone should be more formal. One must be conscious that particular tone of writing is generally viewed with specific types of writing.

Usage of Technical Aspects of Writing:

Improper usage of punctuations affects the writing style. Proper usage of commas, semicolons, dashes contributes more to the style. Apart from punctuations, there are other technical aspects like formatting, spelling, usage of italic, bold, underlining, etc. also affects the writing styles. Based on the writing styles one can identify whether the writer is alive or not and also can gather information about the writer.


Pacing is generally referred to as fiction writing but it is also used in nonfiction writing. It deals with the sentence variety that depends on sentence length. Shorter sentence shows excited voice while longer sentence shows writing voice is leisure. The mid-sized sentence indicates a sense of normalcy. The length of the sentence is adapted with respect to one’s content, requirement, and voice.

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