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Where is the thesis statement located in a thesis/dissertation?

The thesis statement is the statement that gives central attention to your essay and delivers the theme context to the essay. It is even possible to write an essay by eliminating a thesis statement but instead, an essay which lacks a thesis statement symbolizes lack of attention. Even many writers think acknowledges the necessity of a thesis statement. In case if the essay or dissertation does not suit the thesis statement it is better to select a perfect thesis statement so that a good thesis or a dissertation will be submitted and the focus in the writing is exhibited.

Generally, a thesis statement can be seen at the starting point of the thesis sometimes it can be seen in the end part of the introductory paragraph of the paper. Anyhow, it does not state that it is necessary to structure the thesis statement in the early stage of your writing. It is essential to collect relevant materials and facts of the selected topic in order to formulate a perfect thesis statement. The thesis statement presents your perspective of the represented issue in a precise and defined structure of one or two sentences. Then it is essential to create an academic argument in order to validate the thesis.

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