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Tips to defend your PhD. Thesis

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Thesis writing is the symbol of efforts put by the scholar in the field of study. It requires a lot of dedication and sincerity. But all the efforts will only fructify if the thesis is accepted by sanctioning committee of the university. And for that, a thesis defending session would be conducted after writing. The academicians defending strategy in the session will impress the scholars to accept and sanction the thesis. Thus, having smart yet bold moves is highly needed for the defending process of the thesis. They are:

Tips to defend your PhD. Thesis

1. Read The Thesis Prior To Defense

2. Use Editor Comments And Reviewers Questions

3. Research About The Members Upholding The Committee

4. Know The Regulation Followed By The Committee

5. Practice Mock Defense Sessions

6. Control Emotions And Attitudes

7. Relax And Keep Nervousness Under Control

8. Answer In Simple Sentences

9. Keep Answers Connected And Relevant

10. Have Planned Backups For Impossible Questions



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