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The term “PLAGIARISM” means the copying of content from another resource. It is a wrong act as it does not give credits to the author or the real writer. The evolution of the digital world has enabled humans to surpass the par of cribbing. The unlimited access provided by the World Wide Web has given man the dare to conduct academic dishonesty via plagiarism. This breach of journalistic ethics has to stop for the welfare and betterment of academic and professional excellence in PhD Thesis, Masters Dissertation and Assignment. Thus, here is a list of the “TOP 10 TOOLS FOR PLAGIARISM CHECK” which could be easily accessed to maintain credibility.

Plagiarism Check


Plagiarism checkers may not always provide with the service of checking the authenticity of the content. However, Turnitin is one such well-renowned software which is used by various academic and non-academic institutions to check the credibility of their contents. It is a text matching system compares texts and finds duplicity. It also aids in the betterment of choosing the correct writing and reference material.


This online website will enable plagiarism check for free. It offers comprehensive online plagiarism checking services and works in a double level checking process. It initially checks for the replica of the content and later dives in for grammatical or spelling errors and brings to the knowledge of the writer.


Along with hunting for plagiarism glitches, “WRITECHECK.COM” provides the service of grammar and spelling checker and word usage. It aids in professional tutoring in an authentic manner.


Urkund is a plagiarism checker used by schools, universities, and corporates alike. Its aid is sought in TAFE Queensland to check for plagiarism or copyright issues and one of the most reliable websites to check for the legitimacy of the contents.

5. Grammarly

The well-renowned website “Grammarly” provides notable service in hunting not just effects of plagiarism but also traces the grammatical and spelling errors. It is indeed a blessing to writers. It avails two options of service .i.e. free and premium version to cater to the preferences of its users.


Unlike other plagiarism checking software and websites “PLAG TRACKER” is software that provides its service for free. But it does suffer some certain limitations include it may take a lot of time for rendering its service and may not be always accurate.


Plagium is software which tracks the roots of plagiarism even in social media sites ensuring complete authenticity of the content. It compares two websites side by side to certify reliability. It is a fast and effective way to check plagiarism provides with the both free and paid version. Although, the download of files not available in the free version.


It is the ultimate plagiarism checking destination for bloggers. The truthful elements in a blog can be safeguarded with the help of “WORDPRESS PLAGIARISM CHECKER”. It checks the unoriginal content before publishing it in a blog online.


The traces of unreliability in the content can be tracked using this software. In order to does a plagiarism check enters the URL of the desired site and gets the questions related to unauthenticity cleared. Instead of showing about the piracy breach done in the content “COPYSCAPE” provides the service of finding the theft of the master content.


A cheaper alternative for TURNITIN, ‘” VIPER” scans over ten billion resources. It is totally free and cost-effective and majorly boasts for its simplicity, speed, and effectiveness of its service.

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