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Choosing at right universities play a major role in the shaping of once future and career. Thus, it is highly necessary to make sure that the right university is considered in order to enroll after high school. Here, is the list of top 10 universities based on the QS World Ranking.

10. IMPERIAL COLLEGE LONDON: - This public research university located in London; England is the most sought-after college in the world.  It is one of its type that solely focuses on Engineering, Medicine, Science and Business. It lets students work in a multi-cultural and multi-territorial manner providing them with varied opportunities.

9. UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO: - It is a university with varied scopes such as law, marine studies, business etc. It also houses various famous alumni and boosts of having one of the lost acceptance rates.

8. PRINCETON UNIVERSITY: -One of the most renowned and foremost research university in United States. It has a well acclaimed library though the student strength is comparatively low. Yet, it has an acceptance on 69.2% of International Students.

7. ETH ZURICH: - Being the top reputed college in Switzerland, Eth Zurich has varied bachelor courses starting from starting from Computer science to natural science. But the only drawl=back faced is that most of the classes are taken in German. Thus, German language proficiency is a must.

6. UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE: - The dream college of many is the pivotal partner in the establishment of Universite's in England. It has 30 undergraduate programs and deals with 65 subject areas. It also provides with in-campus accommodations.

5. UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD: - It offers 48 undergraduate programs ranging in different and diverse spheres such as humanities, language, law and fine arts. The study method includes weekly tutorials, classes, lectures and lab practical's etc.

4. STANFORD UNIVERSITY: - The always topping Stanford University has a different approach toward academics over all. It focuses on the deepening of student knowledge with understanding the concepts. It houses various disciplines such as arts, humanities, language, science, social science etc.

3. MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY: - Form nuclear science to political science MIT is renowned to have mastered all spheres of education such as science, math's and humanities. It also supports cocurricular activities such as arts and sports.

2. HARVARD UNIVERSITY: - the top prioritized university has got a lot of added advantage along with its fame. Harvard University provides students with the freedom to craft their own syllabus on the basis of their academic goals and provided disciplines. It has four major categories and 49 minor concentrations to choose from.

1. California Institute of Technology: - The California Institute of Technology ranks on most of the top university table. It provides quality arts, humanities, social science and science education. It also provides engineering. But it also has one of the lowest student intake rates.



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