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What are In-text Citation and its importance in academic writing?

An in-text citation is said to be a reference done within the body of the academic writing essay, thesis, dissertation, manuscript and assignments. The in-text citations show the reader about the source of the information of the writing.

In text citation for thesis, dissertation, essay, assingment

An in-text citation’s appropriate format will rely on the style used by the reader, for instance: APA. Verify with the academic institution in order to make sure that the given in-text citation is in the expected format. The in-text citation must be written in brackets directly once the text has been paraphrased or quoted so that it can be easy for the readers to recognize. In several cases, the in-text cases are shown as a superscript number, having the respective number provided in the bibliography. The in-text citation is said to be important because it increases the credibility to the paper and supports to protect from plagiarism. It is essential that every research paper include in-text citations or else no way will be available to check the resources that have been utilized in the paper.

In-text citations increase the credibility of the research, but this is not the only reason that they provide. The in-text citation should be used for the following purposes:

-They provide credit to the person who is the primary information source.

-Citing the information correctly supports to avoid plagiarism.

-The reader will understand where to seek for checking the information that has been utilized.

While writing a paper, many things are cited. In-text citing is used while using the following information types:

-Percentages and statistics.

-Direct quotes from another person.

-Facts that are not said to be general knowledge.

-Ideas of another person.

A common thumb rule is to cite thing that is not the reader’s own idea. It is important to provide credit in which the credit is dues while performing research and crafting the paper. Remember that there is a possibility to plagiarize the concepts and this is why the things except direct quotes must be cited correctly.



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