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What is the hardest thing about writing a dissertation and how to overcome it?

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

There are numerous stages to writing a dissertation, right from the choice of a topic to ensuring there is sufficient material and data on it is a herculean task. Opinions vary on what the hardest part of writing a dissertation is with many considering the introduction, interpretation of results and discussion as the hardest part. One often needs help with dissertation writing in such scenarios. But one area of dissertation writing that is often overlooked is the sources from which information for the dissertation is gathered.

Hardest thing about writing a dissertation

With the advent of the internet, obtaining information has become relatively easy but this is like a double-edged sword, as the amount of information that one can get from the internet is huge and one should be very careful while researching on the topic. It is important that the writer does not get carried away with the data and chooses only the relevant and required information.

A lack of interest in dissertation writing can result in the student getting distracted and getting the wrong data. It is therefore very important that they choose a topic they are interested in so as to ensure that they complete the dissertation. If they end up with a topic they are not interested in, they will get waylaid and be exhausted by the plethora of information and often be plagued by thoughts of redoing the whole dissertation thus affecting the other areas like introduction, review of literature, discussion and results.

At times lack of language skills can hinder in understanding the resources obtained from the internet again resulting in unwanted information. Lack of vocabulary and language skills compounded by a strict time schedule can lower the quality of the matter presented in the dissertation. Getting the assistance and guidance of professionals will be helpful as they will have an objective view of the dissertation topic, have a superior vocabulary and they will not be swayed by the plethora of information available on the internet. Once we have all the required data, choosing a topic and drafting a research proposal becomes relatively easy as we know that there is relevant literature too for the topic. Mid-way through the dissertation if the writer realizes that the data and sources gathered are not relevant to the topic then they will have to redo the whole thing again.

Though dissertation writing is a herculean task, it can be successfully completed if the topic chosen by the student is what they’re interested in, have sufficient time for research and gathering data, and have the necessary language skills to objectively present their dissertation.



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