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PhD Thesis Structure

The thesis is divided into five main chapters. They are

1. Introduction:

The introduction part introduces the topic to the readers. It gives idea about the aim, scope, background, hypothesis, research gap and outline of the entire thesis.

2. Literature review:

In literature review section, the literature related to the topic is discussed. The literature review is done to identify the gap in the previous research that our research is trying to fulfil. The theoretical framework is developed in this section. It is always suggested to write the introduction after completing the literature review since the gap identified serves as the aim and objective.

3. Methodology:

This is the section where we discuss about what kind of approach that we are going to use to evaluate our aims and objective. The reason for choosing particular method, how it is going to be carried out, where it is going to take place, and who are the participants are also explained in this section.

4. Results:

This is the chapter were the research is carried out and results are highlighted in this chapter. Statistical analysis is carried to evaluate the data.

5. Discussion and Conclusion:

This is the chapter where the result is summarised. The results supported with previous literature and the limitations are highlighted.

The conclusion part is where the results emphasised in relation to the aims and objective.

Apart from the above mentioned chapters. We have abstract which give an overview of the thesis, Reference, were the bibliography is generated and appendices which includes all the data and relevant materials.

Basic PhD Thesis Structure


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