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Tips for choosing topics for Master level students

In master level project submission is important thing for degree completion to fulfil your dream about course. Master project need to completed on- time with innovative title which need to provides adverse in research field. There are several things need to be considered for topic/title selection in Master level students. You need to have multiple choice in starting while selecting topic this may seems to be crazy but you should flexible enough to adopt change title/ topic for project.

  • You need to study and review current research topics and ideas through standard journal articles, report, magazines etc.

  • Once you gather few ideas in diverse research/project field and manipulate the outcome through stabilized reading and discussion in research area. Diversified research ideas knowledge gaps need to be identified.

  • In gathered research title focus on synthesis and opportunities for two or more areas.

  • Final stage of your project is thesis writing which need to be more ambitious with innovative/novel concept hence define you project topic clearly with feasibility of research/project with clear problem description. At this stage you need to narrow down your project domain which is your project subject.

  • Meantime once you identified project topic/title make sure about the books availability or other source of resources to complete your project

Selection of project topic in Master level is joint decision made by your supervisor and project review/committee members hence it will be quite appreciable if you discuss your idea to them. Once all is done proceed with your project “Hassel-free” since you almost set with all necessary things in project feasibility, research gap and available sources. Hope you will complete your thesis too in ambitious way with clear idea and solutions.


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