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How to identify problem statement in research? Overview in general

Here, we will have some description about the main component of research.

Once you set with research domain and field the next thing we need to focus is problem statement. Ah! We know that many researchers or master degree student are struggling to write or identify problem statement for research/project. Yes, this blog here to provide some key ideas about writing or identifying problem statement for your thesis/dissertation/research paper writing.

A problem statement can describe as “statement which usually describes issues with a certain statement about issue, vision, and method adopted to solve problem”. Usually, problem statement needs to have four important factors i.e:

  • Problem Background: Here you need to reflect the problem facts and reader able to gain knowledge about a key element of the issue.

  • Anchor: How identified problem is resolved by other methods is evaluate

  • General problem: Impact of identified problem over larger aspects

  • Specific Problem: Impact of a problem on a sample or selected area (i.e. narrow – downed/ specified area).

5 W’s of Problem Statement

A problem statement focuses the effort of word to convert into solvable problem for this 5’W’ s are spark the discussion with pertinent information;

Once you all set answers for all those things; Good! Now you can start developing with your novel concept to resolve the problem in the selected domain. Even you able to provide clear justification for your research.


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