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Do you think Ph.D is stressful? Then how to be dealt with?

A Ph.D is a unique degree which involves advanced academic work and attempted by comparatively a group of few students. However, it is not an easy job and it gives a lot of emotional stress to almost all Ph.D students during their course. Few students shared that they felt lot of pressures and stress from beginning to end of the course.

One general trait among all individuals who get a Ph.D. is tenacity. You should understand how to create your determination level and skill to overcome such stress to complete your doctorate. As a research scholar of Ph.D, you may adhere to or experienced the following traits at once or in the whole course period:

  • Feeling inundated with overload of work

  • Helplessness of family and others can lead to lack of focus in developing the thesis

  • Lack of control over what is happening in life

  • Finding easy things also challenging

  • Persistent anxiety of failure

These feelings are commonly obvious and should be readily accepted. Such experiences are life learning experience of research scholars in their tenure period. However, the experience and learning at some extent were generalised for all scholars but the stress is completely individualistic one. Majority of the scholars can handle the stress and negativity in both positive and negative way and it is varied in growing nature. But the major goal of all research scholars is to successfully begin, endure and complete their Ph.D degree in proper way with less stress.

How it is dealt with is discussed here:

  • Never feel loss of reputation when the time of asking a advice from someone and approach counsellors, friends and family whom will support

  • You should ignore the anxiety or depression, you don’t express this kind of negativity to anyone. If it fails, you may also receive failure in certain conditions.

  • You should keep this in mind at all stages of your deliverance of Ph.D work it may helpful to successfully clear your defence.

You follow all the above mentioned tips; definitely you will obtain happiest endings in your Ph.D course.


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