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Necessity of editing thesis, dissertations and other research papers- view of different editors

Are you research scholar or college Student?

In due course of time you continuously here about the words thesis, dissertation and research paper. At this point you may think is this things that much important? Yes, it is. Thesis is a long, lengthy document of your entire research work which describes your work, method, results you obtained, scope and so on. As a human we are tend to do mistakes at some point while writing such long, lengthy and technical document like research papers we may do some mistakes unknowingly. Just think what happen if you submit your thesis, dissertation or research paper with such mistakes? The answer is simply they will reject your document and your entire research or project is spoiled due to such mistakes. To avoid this, many researchers and guides suggested that thesis and research paper editing is essential for all papers in before final submission. Editing of thesis and research paper is commonly known as “proofreading” which involves grammar correction, punctuation checking, content flow, and organization of document and so on.

Importance of Editing

  1. It shapes your document with excellent organization of content

  2. Brings balance and structure in your document

  3. Checks whether your idea flow smoothly throughout the document

  4. Editing checks whether the document can be logically accepted with necessary supportive citation and reference

  5. You can ensure the chance of grammar error are minimum

After proofreading you can able to get high standard document which makes readers to understand your concept clearly. In case of research paper, reviewer’s able to understand your work with short span of time which avoids the chance of rejection. You need not worry about the technical content in the document while in proofreading content are not altered. As an editor, I suggest you keep continuous discussion with your guide about the complete document and ensure the quality to identify the mistakes than others. Hope you have clear idea about editing now.

All the best for your paper completion with good quality.


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