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How to write an original research article- tips for research scholars

As a research scholar, you need to publish minimum two research papers to complete your course this count also may vary based on your university requirement. The paper you published need to be original and most valuable for publication in the reputed journal. Original research article is about a document presented your own observation, surveys, experiments, methodology and so on. Here, mentioned certain things for preparing original research articles:

  1. The research article needs to be written by the person who actually conducted the whole research.

  2. Research article includes research question, research method, and purpose of the study, methodology, and hypothesis of the research.

  3. Findings of the research need to be presented clearly.

  4. Research methodologies adopted for driving specific outcome to be presented.

  5. A detailed description of research finding should be presented with possible interpretation and implications of research.

Some researchers feel that I get negative results alone and have doubt of the paper can be published in a journal or not. Don't get confused about such things even if the hypothesis is wrong researcher can able to publish their paper the only thing is published work need to be unique with significant research novelty. While selecting research journal with negative results previously look at whether it accept such research article.

Some researcher may confuse their own original research article. The detailed steps are

The above step defines steps for writing your research article effectively as per the standard of reputed journals. By using above steps you can complete your research article without any delay and confusion. Hope you understood!


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