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Importance of Statistical Tests for research scholars

For research scholars, thesis or dissertation or manuscript writing consists of the theoretical description of the project which has different phases in which the main phase is analysis phase where it consists of statistical tests. The most important statistical tests for the research scholars are purely based on what type of data they prefer under which resource. The basic statistical tests are been inbuilt in trending software’s where the advanced tests have to be imported manually using codes. There are several statistical tests in which t-test and F-test are the very basic test in statistical analysis. The statistical tests have been analyzed using trending statistical softwares such as SAS, SPSS, AMOS, LISTERS, EVIEWS, etc. where these software’s are useful in in-depth statistical testing. However the tests are based on data there are few tests which can be used for both data types i.e. t-test, paired-t test, chi-square test, multiple regression, stepwise regression, etc. The statistical analysis that tests the relationship between two continuous variables is the bivariate correlation.


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