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How to do personal statement for thesis writing

I think many people have does not much clear idea about what the personal statement is since most of the people I met before had not even aware of word “personal statement”. Especially it is important for thesis writing, but few people only aware about personal statement. So here I will explain what the personal statement is and things need to be incorporated, factors and difficulties involved for writing an effective personal statement.

What is Personal Statement?

It is about the summary of your advancement in fellowship and scholarship application with certain critical factors into consideration. Personal Statement is also known as a narrative response. As it is similar to the application for the certain scholar or fellowship it needs to be in professional standard to meet the requirement of committee members for selecting your details for next stage screening usually, it can be an interview.

Factors in Personal Statement

Personal statement prepared needs to be outstanding among various applicants, review members need to understand your area of interest, pursuit’s seriousness, and engagement clearly. Even to highlight your application among different applicants your achievement can be included in your statement.

Difficulty in Personal Statement

As said personal statement is part of the application process with the lengthy part it requires through editing and review. Since it is highly difficult to prepare a personal statement at the neck of the moment it may not succeed. Review member also not satisfied with your statement and there is a high chance of rejecting your application.

Tips to write Personal Statement:

  1. Prepare a list of things to need to be included in personal statement

  2. Categorize your statement (i.e Introduction, Body, Conclusion etc..)

  3. Create an outline – Here you can narrow down your points as per above categorization

  4. Concentrate on the first line of statement which will grab the attention of review member

  5. Be specific and confident in your content included

  6. Avoid repetition of sentence

  7. Present clearly about your knowledge

  8. Finally, review and edit the content as many times you can.

At end of the statement be clear and confident enough about your points.


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