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Writing a dissertation

In your education, dissertation writing is overwhelming and scary for either student or research scholar. Normally, dissertation includes minimum 150 – 200 pages for submitting your idea in organized and structured manner. Dissertation involves wider research domain of your work before dissertation you may present a number of essays, seminars, research paper publication and reports so you have an idea about research work right. Even here pointed few things involved in processing with research paper writing:

1. Select your research topic

2. Clear with research methodology

3. Clear with uniqueness and novelty of research

How to start?

Before starting with your dissertation have a clear discussion with your guide in what way entire things need to be organized. Refer some already published dissertation in websites and your university library this will provide you some idea about how to organize and structure your dissertation. Also, ensure with your university guidelines since university have different formats on their own if you check at the end your need to reorganize entire content.

Steps in Writing:

Once you started writing your dissertation clear with your ideas and techniques. Present your idea and views in clearly try to make use of the crisp and meaningful sentence. Another important thing in dissertation writing is referencing good dissertation need to have a proper citation of reference and citation of refereed articles.

Things in the good dissertation:

A good dissertation should have:

  • Clear statement of objective with finding solution for central problem domain in selected research area

  • Should clearly describe research area and domain

  • Review of recent researches which should cope with selected problem domain

  • Technical or key terms need to be presented with effective and critical analysis; appropriate discussion of research needs to be provided.

  • Should have consistent and proper referencing.

  • The complete dissertation needs to be structured and organized in way of academic.

Once you completed dissertation take to your guide and ask for the suggestion regarding any modification. Before submission ensures to proof read your document this involves complete checking of a dissertation about language, flow, grammar, referencing etc. Read again and again possible since dissertation is long it is a bit difficult to read completely but try to concentrate on your novelty, technical description, and discussion about results. Once you satisfied with your dissertation and guide approval format your document some guide may ask formatting before itself. After checking everything submit your dissertation to university.


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