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Tips to write abstract for thesis

Abstract is a summary of your whole research paper and it speaks about the entire work. Readers mainly look into these lines to understand your research work and carry it for their reference. It should emphasis your ultimate purpose, used methods, obtained results and conclusion of your analysis.

15 Points to remember while preparing the abstract

1. Paper-write the context of abstract for easily corrections.

2. The abstract should possess the following contents

  • Importance of the research

  • Need of the current research

  • Methodologies used

  • Results

3. Every chapters of the thesis should be minimalized into 2 to 3 lines. Then link them in your abstract.

4. The methodologies should be represented in past tense and the results in present tense.

5. Try not to use technical terms often so that it will be easy for a layman to understand the idea.

6. The main function of abstract is to convey your idea and not what invention you made.

7. Compose the abstract in paragraphed structure so that it can be presented neatly.

8. Don’t use abbreviations.

9. Use keywords for speed-reading. It must be helpful for the readers to find your paper to their relevant research field.

10. The abstract should not exceeding 350 words. To get good impression try not to exceed 280 words approximately.

11. Follow the style guides for the abstracts as per the instruction provided.

12. Don’t include statistical information like tables, graphs, chart, etc. Instead use them to write the abstract.

13. Don’t discuss about the previous literature.

14. Write the abstract after the completion of the whole research. It gives you full potential to compose the abstract like a short story.

15. Get feedback for your abstract from the experts of the particular field. This can boost your confidence to finalize your thesis.


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