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How to potentially make a dissertation within 3 months

Yes! Submitting the dissertation within the stated date seems to be the toughest job among students. Well, it is because they are struck with improper plans and this can be solved easily. The sound plan followed by dedication can even knock big mountains same as follows with the dissertation writing also. It can be made potentially within 3 months but you ought to follow certain rules to achieve this.

Rules for potential completion:

First month – Collection of information.

  • Select the topic carefully without any future fluctuations.

  • Discuss the topic with your guide and make necessary changes. Once you get confirmation, the research workflow will be easy.

  • Be clear with your concept.

  • Get deep knowledge in the selected topic.

  • Select only authorized papers for reference and literature survey.

  • Read your university’s guidelines for documenting dissertation.

  • Have a sample format of the dissertation structure.

Second month - Experimenting and recording

  • Start your trial experiments and record your observations regularly. Only by doing this, you will have more confidence to go for other methods to get more satisfying results.

  • Consult your guide daily to cross-check your results so that they can know your research status.

  • Write rough drafts daily. Try to write 5 pages every day so that it will around 150 pages at the end of the second month.

  • Generally, the dissertation should contain a minimum of 180 pages and exceed that depends on your research content.

The third month - Ordering your contents

  • Get your output verified by your guide so that you can start the documentation process more confidently.

  • Proofread and edit your rough draft. After this, you will have almost 200 pages including a literature review.

  • Submit the rough dissertation copy to your guide and get corrections.

  • Submit the corrected document and get final approval for printing.

  • Print the finalized version of your dissertation document and submit on or before the submission date.

This method will work 100% effectively only when you follow these rules promptly.


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