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Tips for writing a review paper for research scholars

Are you in a confused state, where to find and what is the meaning of review paper and review article? Well, that’s the combination lock you will find while surfing in hurry. We are here to clarify your doubts and we will provide some energetic tips which shall be helpful for preparing a review paper.

A review article/paper is an academic paper which summarizes the previously published papers alone rather than reporting new facts or analysis. Basically, it contains the present understanding of the topic.

12 things to remember while writing a review paper.

  1. A review paper is a primary source; it is a collection of approaches and outcomes of an original study which was done by others scholars.

  2. Simply, you interpret data from other’s paper for your own study. It is made only based on a lot of review on previous literature without any research on your own.

  3. A review paper can be classified in three formats. They are narrative, systematic and meta-analysis.

  • A narrative format looks like a chapter of a book. It explains the existing knowledge based on all the published papers related to your topic.

  • A systematic format looks like giving answers to a specific question from any previously published literature.

  • A meta-analysis is the combination of results from the previously published papers to develop a new result.

  1. While preparing a review paper you will find information about the research people relevant to your research field.

  2. You will get to know about the latest discoveries in your field. This will improve your research idea.

  3. You can get new ideas while interpreting others idea, so this can help you either to start new research or to modify the current research.

  4. Use past tense in your paper for explaining the contents of the previous paper.

  5. Use present tense in concluding the research after many interpretations.

  6. Your papers should not exceed 5 pages. For satisfactory results try to complete within 4 or 4.5 pages.

  7. Get a sample paper from your senior scholars or staffs to clear idea.

  8. Read the guidelines for a review paper provided by your specific university or institution.

  9. Before submitting a paper, make sure that you should have proofread and edited your document at least twice.

Your review paper should be more interesting and it should contribute new information to your field. It should help others to find more valuable information accordingly prepare your paper.


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