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Best Tools For Checking Plagiarism

In today’s world, Computer and Internet act as a major far-flung information source for many people around the world. Information on any topic can be accessed and collected within few seconds. Similarly, the same information can also be copied and used anyplace within flashes. The process of copying others works, without granting any acknowledgment to the owner of the content, and exposing as their own work is called plagiarism. So in order to check whether the content is original or not, Plagiarism tools are used.

Plagiarize act is largely found in academia and its related works. So it is advisable for the scholars to check their research documents before submitting because Plagiarism is an illegal act and it has power to even reject the individual’s research work.

We are here to tell you about the best Plagiarism tools among the vastly available tools.

Turnitin: It permanently titles the first position because it is considered as a most reliable source intended for many universities, institutions, teachers, and students for past many years. It gives feedback in detail so the users can boost their educational grades to a higher level. It provides reports within 24 - 48 hours because it searches for billion documents and checks whether there are any spinning contents. And it also looks for reshuffled paper formats. The student has to wait for next 24 hours in order to submit their next or extra paper. Since it provides a bundle of effective advantages, its cost is compensating high. The cost scale varies for each university, teachers, and students.

Grammarly: It is commonly known as grammar checker tool but the hidden fact is, it is also a Plagiarism Checker tool but it can only access by its premium users. You can use Grammarly for free to Spell check, Vocabulary, and grammatical enrichment but you have to pay for Plagiarism check. It is a recently popularly emerging Plagiarism tool used by many students. It is available in plugin version also.

Plagiarism Checker X: This checker tool is mainly considered for its user interface and its functionality. It allows the user to unlimited word/page search, unlike other premium plan word limits. It provides bulk search option especially for teachers to reduce their time. The user can compare two documents side by side to find the similarities in the documents. It also provides the feature to analyse the keywords used in the document and provides result in a total number of occurrences or as keyword density. It is available in 7 languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, and Portuguese). You have to download this software for using it.

We have recommended all these tools based on our own experiences by checking the documents for Plagiarism.


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