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Review on Top Referencing Tools

What is a Referencing tool?

Reference tools are used in PhD Thesis writing, Dissertation writing, Essay Writing, Assignment writing, Manuscript writing and other writing work to cite the authoritative sources which help to locate particular information or idea. These source helps in finding the concept’ meaning or term’ definition and provide answers to a particular question with statistical, technical, and factual information. Reference sources are intended only to refer instead of complete read.

Top 3 referencing Tools

1. Mendeley:

It is free computer software for managing and sharing the information for academic research purpose:

  • Free software package with all features

  • At the end of the whole document it generates bibliographies

  • Provides 1GB of free online storage for backing purpose

  • Coordinate your library to use across web, desktop, and mobile with all file format

  • Provides a research social network to know the latest trends in academics and connect with like-minded

  • Tracks data over 40 million research papers in real-time

  • Offers free plug-ins

2. Zotero:

It is also a free referencing tool used to quote the adopted information from the respective source with:

  • Easy user interface and gathering of information

  • Organizes automatically

  • Any file format can be stored and information can be retrieved from them.

  • Provides - 100 MB - storage space

  • Cross-platform can be accessed

  • Supports all operating systems

  • Doesn’t provide any recommendation

  • Eternal database cannot be accessed

3. EndNote:

It is paid software for managing the references by searching through online published databases and the capability of:

  • Can be used in any word processor

  • Supports up to 1GB online memory storage

  • 30 days free trial pack with limited features

  • Provides common library to a team

  • Supports 6000 styles of bibliography

  • Annotation can be made in PDF

  • Changes made to the shared document can be seen

  • Searches every document like PDF, text documents, XLs etc. and other available sources to find and attach reference

  • Doesn’t support Linux OS


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