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Superiority of Plagiarism free work to Research Scholars

Plagiarism is one of the very complex and serious problems while doing research work like Thesis writing, Dissertation writing, Proposal Writing and Manuscript Writing in any country. Previously in countries like United States, United Kingdom and some European countries have strict guidelines against plagiarism but recently, University in India have started to take action against plagiarism. It is said to be copying the ideas and thoughts of other persons without their acknowledgement. If the students submit their research work with plagiarism issues, they will lose their marks and sometimes they may get fail.

Most of the students avoid taking risks in doing research, thesis or assignment writing work. So they prefer to copy the content from a reliable source instead of writing on their own. This seems to be the best option for them to complete the task very effectively. But if a student submits a plagiarized content then it can affect his/her academic grades. It will create a negative impression on the student that he had not invested the time in the research. Then why a professor needs to award him/her good marks for doing nothing.

It is important to write in your own words because if you copy the content of someone else, then there will be nothing new in it. You need to contribute something new to the society. By merely copying others’ words, one cannot learn anything new. Writing in your own words requires more than just finding information. If you just copy the same content from any source means that you didn’t understand the information which is expressed.

First of all, try to understand the information deep enough to express it in your own unique way. Using your own words for writing will not only demonstrate understanding and intelligence but also integrity.

It avoids the bad impression in front of your professors and will protect your career, self-respect, reputation, and future.

Your own way of writing will help you to score good marks, create something new and give the impression that you have spent your valuable time to make the assignment more valuable.


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