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Tips on Writing a Book Proposal

A book proposal is an initial process for publishing a book. To publish a book under a publishing company or brand, the author has to write a proposal letter for getting an opportunity to get published. Today, the authors are facing a lot of difficulties in writing a successful proposal since it is the important step and acts as an index for their work to get published. In order to ease difficulties, the author has to follow few essential steps in making the proposal move.

Tips for making the best proposal for book

1. Send Invitation to Get Approval

Firstly, the author has to send a query letter to the agents, and editors of a publishing company to get approval to send book proposal. Since no agents, and editors are interested in reading uninvited manuscripts to their table. So it is the foremost essential step in getting approval through query letter.

2. Pack your Summary with Essential Information

  • Under this, the author has to define the complete book in just two or three paragraphs and importantly it should not exceed 500 words or less than that is good.

  • Specify your targeted core audience market, why your book stands as unique, the main reason to mainly purchase this book, size of that market, and what type of readers will be interested in reading so.

  • Clearly tell them, the way of your writing style

  • Also, mention why your book will be worthy for them to publish

  • Consider if this summary as the back cover information so stud them accordingly

3. Competitive Titles

  • List the popular 4 or 5 competitive titles in the market and differentiate your uniqueness from them.

  • By doing so, you are actually validating two major things; proving them that there are audiences who might show interest in your book, and stating precisely how your work differs from them that make the targeted readers to buy and has the ability to grasp new readers.

4. Author Specification

  • Describe why you are eligible to write a book in that specific genre. Also, write what potentiality you have to promote this book

  • What experience you have to pen a book in that genre

5. Promotional Plans

Simply impress the editor with an honest and effective marketing and promotion plan.

  • Describe your plan to dynamically promote the book like

- In what place they should focus to find publicity

- Where the targeted readers would pay attention

  • Foremost important element is to mention is blurbs; what names have you planned for blurb section because names in the blurb section directly promotes the value of the book

  • Also, tell whether it is possible to get their commitment before completing the manuscript.

  • Other possible promotional activities must also be mentioned like conducting workshops, associating with an organization, promoting through the e-mail, online etc.

6. Attach Book Specifications

  • The book specifications like expected word count, page count, paper length, the current status of your manuscript. If pictures are used then mention them.

  • Also attach a table of contents, with elaborated reviews on each chapter contained in the book.

7. Show Your Writing Skill

  • The proposal main purpose is to make the editors believe that you are capable of writing a book in a uniquely engaging way. To attach one or two sample chapters to the proposal.

  • The sample chapters should not include introduction chapter, and also minimum 50 pages should be attached in case if your second chapter end at page 61 then you have to add 61 pages to them.

  • The key role for doing this is to show cast your writing sense, packed information along with its flow in a book structure.

  • Make sure that your sample chapters must be free from the errors of grammar, punctuation, spelling etc. your capability and creditability reflects here.

The main trick in writing a proposal lies in the hands of the author. Yes! It is true the author has to write the proposal exactly the same way as they write their book. The author has to arrange the above-mentioned required information according to his flow to grab the editor’s attention.


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