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How to write a medical manuscript?

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Writing a medical manuscript is not an easy one as we think. While writing in this particular field alone, an author faces much pressure because the submission’ standards for a peer review is very high. Also, the inability of getting a manuscript published is taken as a personal failure. The information stated in the paper must be more accurate. A paper gets rejected if it is not up to the publisher’ acceptance level. A manuscript should move in a direction from known to newly discovered information along by attesting relevant hypothesis, problem statement and proposed research question.

From the past to present, it is a daunting process for beginners as well as for experienced researchers to write a proper medical manuscript. Unlike other papers, medical journals have some specific methods should be followed. In this article, we have provided certain tips for writing a proper medical manuscript.

7 Tips for writing a medical manuscript in an effective way

  1. Before starting the work, proper planning must be made like what books to refer? what methods should be used for experiments etc.

  2. Authors must be clear about the rules and regulations so that they can avoid reworks. As a result of it, time and energy is saved for them

  3. The abstract must be prepared within 200 to 300 words and it should not contain undefined abbreviations. Abstract has more weight because the quality of whole paper can be predicted from this small summary

  4. For writing a proper manuscript, three requirements are required; a worthy topic to report, basic structure knowledge from peer-reviewed papers, and the knowledge in good writing

  5. IMRAD (introduction, methods, results, and discussion) is a pathway to complete the research work properly

  6. The arrangement of information must be clear and straightforward; repetition of content must be avoided

  7. In the main title page, a short running title and a few keywords (preferably six) must be there for helping the database searches

7 things - what a reviewer expects from your paper

  1. Is the subject matter is new? Have they mentioned why their paper is different and new from other published paper?

  2. Does the paper contain proper citation? Because acknowledging others’ work is too important

  3. Is the objective of the study is mentioned clearly or not?

  4. Have they included statistical data form their own research?

  5. Does the author have ethical proofs for the submitted research?

  6. Are the conclusions are supporting the results or not? Are the results are interpreted properly?

  7. Does the scope and limitation of the present study is mentioned are not?


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