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What is the importance of rephrasing or paraphrasing?

Rephrasing or paraphrasing is the method of rewriting something in your own words in order to show that you have understood the source well. Paraphrasing is mostly simplified into a simple sentence for better understanding for a group of people with the less technical background. It is an important skill to possess so that it helps to grasp the full meaning of the content.

When you read a complex structural sentence in a novel, book, article or report it might be quite difficult for a person to understand or it might consume more time to grasp the gist of the source. So paraphrasing is essential so that the complex sentence can be modified into a simpler one. Hence, it helps the common reader to understand more easily.

Paraphrasing is the valuable skill for a student to showcase their understanding capabilities through their own rendition of a text. By paraphrasing, a student proves to the lecturer that he/she has understood the core idea of the original context.

Paraphrasing might be a challenging skill for a student at the initial period. Well, it can be rectified by regular practice. As you can reread the content many times and try to visualize by using different vocabulary and sentence pattern. It also helps the students in improving their vocabulary and grammar. So constantly find time to practice with your friends or colleagues as paraphrasing requires more practice.

Tips to follow while paraphrasing:

  • Read the paragraph or sentence several times until you understand the meaning clearly

  • Do not change the original meaning

  • Choose different sentence structure

  • Change the usage of words i.e. (change synonyms)

  • Make sure to write plagiarism free content

  • Keep the sentence structure simple

  • Revise the text and compare it to the original content

  • Do not change the technical word


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