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Issues faced by students in writing assignments

Writing assignments is a common problem faced by many students. Students are intended to write assignments on various topics. Assignments are one of the important criteria to score good marks. But they find it difficult in completing the assignments effectively. Below are the few challenges that are faced by students in writing their assignments.

Language Proficiency

Good language proficiency is one of the important factors in writing assignments. Most of the students lack to put forth their ideas in a proper sentence. Some students might even have great ideas but they lack in proficiency. Grammatical error, wrong usage of punctuation, improper vocabulary usage might lead the reader to give a meaning.

Regular reading and writing habit will gradually help you to cope with the language. This initiative would provide a clear writing.


Many students lack the to write an assignment. is an art form which needs to be performed with courage. Students often feel insecure about their writing ability; their insecurity is restraining them to write. Even if they completed the work, they hold them back thinking that it was not good enough.

Always keep in your mind, you can only learn from your mistakes. So start writing and get advice or guidance from your teacher or professor to rectify your mistakes instantly.

Subject Knowledge

It does not matter if you have good proficiency and writing skill. must possess good knowledge a particular given topic. There are many reasons for insufficient knowledge on the particular subject. may be inactive in their classrooms, not having subject materials, not taking notes during lectures, irregular attendance, etc...

In order to resolve this problem, you must stick to the plan. Take time to research on the topic, study them thoroughly, and clarify your doubts immediately.

Tips to write assignments

  • Take time to analyze the concept

  • Stick to the deadline

  • Clarify your doubts immediately

  • Use proper structure

  • Double check that you have answered all the questions


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