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Issues faced by students at the time of essay writing

A student who wishes to write an essay faces many problems. Writing a clear and understanding essay will help you to score marks. Below mentioned are some factors that restrain a student from writing an essay.

Get Start:

The first and foremost problem faced by the students is to get a central idea to start an essay. Identifying the core idea from the particular given topic might be difficult for the student. Mind mapping is the best technique to sort out all the ideas in a proper structure. You can organize all the ideas that pop in your mind and analyze which points are to be addressed in the essay.

Writer’s Block:

Psychological distress that might one’s ability to think and write. This issue is common among everyone, for students. It is caused by many reasons like a problem, depression, stress, external distraction, sickness and so on. It may disable a student to write an essay for a certain period.


Disinterest, poor time management, lack of self-confidence and lack of subject knowledge are the reasons for the plagiarized content. To provide a plagiarized free content make sure you interpret the central idea and write it your own words. Do not reflect the same word from the original content.

Regular Reading:

Lack of reading practice is the common problem among the students. Regular reading habit will guide to articulate the sentence or an essay effectively and supports the point with best references. It helps you to write an essay with good vocabulary, correct punctuation and grammatical error free content.


Possessing a good knowledge on a particular topic is not sufficient to write an essay. Express the ideas in your own words to form a logical argument and quote correct references. Always seek guidance from the expert to check your writing on a regular basis. Hence effective articulation is the major criteria in essay writing.


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