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What is the benefit of SPSS?

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

SPSS is a Statistical Package for the Social Sciences and was launched in 1968 by SPSS Inc., later bought by IBM in 2009. As the name implies it is one of the software that is widely used in the research areas especially for complicated statistical data analysis.

The SPSS is being used by major researches in education, marketing, Government entities, healthcare sectors, surveys and data miners. The main aim of SPSS is to analyze the mined data and survey oriented data to get the best research projects done successfully.

Benefits of SPSS
Benefits of SPSS

The significant benefits of using SPSS are listed down

  • SPSS is a highly helpful software package to interpret and manipulate any survey data

  • This tool helps the analyzed data to be very clean and in an understandable way

  • The options for accessing and analyzing the data after exporting the information from the survey to SPSS are very high

  • Customization feature in the complex statistical data is always difficult but using SPSS it is made as easy as possible and supergranular data is obtained

  • The major advantage in SPSS is that after exporting the survey data to SPSS there avails numerous option for statistical analysis, it also allows to export the variable name, types, title, and values of survey data as well as for finding better analysis result

Some important statistical tests used in the SPSS are

  • Descriptive statistics: Most descriptive part of data is analyzed and this method is selected as it comprises of cross-tabulation and ratio statistics

  • Bivariate statistics: This method is used largely when there is a need for the analysis between two variables say X and Y and to know their relationship and used methodology

  • Numeral outcome prediction: When any analysis needs to be done between many variables and different numerical values, then through linear regression this can be achieved

  • Prediction for identifying groups: Analysis done on similar groups with respect their identical category is carried out through this method by using the factor and cluster analysis


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