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Writeneed help to get smart research proposal for Ph.D

A research proposal is a document that is intended for research project especially in the field of science or academia. The main purpose of the research proposal has delineated the objectives of the research and understands the theory of the concerned topic. There are few guidelines to be followed to get a smart research proposal. Writeneed can evaluate a time consumption to write the research proposal based on the topic chosen. It also helps in identifying the perfect and suitable subject area by introducing to various inspiring topics. The standard of the work will be maintained by the team. There are different types of research proposal like solicited and unsolicited. The solicited proposal is document is submitted as per the requested requirement and the unsolicited proposal is the document submitted without any request.

Research proposal

Time consumption to complete the research proposal:

The time allocation for research proposal depends on the experience or knowledge about the particular subject area. A good research proposal will be completed with the stipulated time period. Writeneed will help in allocating accurate deadline for each section.

Selecting a title for the proposal:

Writeneed will give assistance in choosing a perfect title for your research proposal. The title should be crispy but it should be relevant to the readers. The reader will expect something after reading the title of your proposal.

Describe the research proposal:

This is the important section of the document. Writeneed will introduce your research methodology and explain your proposal in detail. The description part should contain scheduling detail of your work, groundwork and necessary materials for the research proposal.

Maintaining the standard in the research proposal:

There are many difficulties in completing the research proposal within the stipulated time period and with standard quality. There are few general sections that needed to perfect in the proposal like a number of word count, it should be between 1500 to 2000 words without including abstract and references. References should be cited and mentioned accurately and it should be more than 10 from any publications. Elucidate your perception and opinion about your supervisors work.

Method of Research:

Aim, objective and research questions will be derived from the data collection. The strategy of your research will be completely based on the subject area and the related books. It is not necessary to describe the theoretical term during the proposal.

Capture the Keywords for your proposal:

Based on the subject area, Writeneed will help you to choose more than 5 right words as main point or keywords for your proposal. From the accurate keywords, the search engine will enable the user to find your proposal.

Research Plan:

The goal of the proposal depends on the research methodology and objective. The objective should be broken into many parts and time should be allocated for each objective. Identify the milestone of your proposal through the progress of the study. Minimum work of ten authors should be studied and criticized. Review the journal articles and relevant articles from the conferences.


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