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The necessity of plagiarism awareness among research students

Plagiarism-free writing is an important skill for any researcher to practice well because it plays a major role in the academic world. Without mastering it, the success of research paper turns difficult. Even if the research idea is new, from a student effort, plagiarism shows him as an ineffective researcher. But the students are not aware of how plagiarized content emerged in their paper and it could have some accidental plagiarism in it. This happens because of poor time management, lack of subjective knowledge, carelessness and fear of failure. The simple and the best tip to avoid plagiarism is awareness.

Every researcher must be aware of the consequences of the plagiarism in the research paper and to what extent it affects their career. Chances are there to even terminate a student’s degree is high. If Content is plagiarized in one way or another it shows that the author or researcher does have the low credibility to think of his/her own.

Plagiarism Reduction

Giving proper reference to the lines, from other papers, is the best way to acknowledge the original work of that author and this helps to avoid plagiarism. It kills the concept of own-work so it is better to add reference or footnotes to the respective materials.

The research must practice to rephrasing rather than paraphrasing. Retaining the core meaning as it is and expressing them in different words is called as rephrasing. Also, they should know what is direct, mosaic and self-plagiarism. By understanding this, the researcher can drastically reduce their mistakes and thrives to improve originality.


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