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Fundamental steps for writing best and good Ph.D. dissertation

A good dissertation paper should open a gateway for other 3-4 papers in the future so that much amount of credibility has to be implemented. The title should convey your research years in one line. The confidence and clarity level of your research can be found in the first few pages it, therefore don’t overweight a concept and stitch the cloth as required

  • Planning is the first and foremost essential step in Ph.D. dissertation writing so determine in which disciplinary you are going to work.

  • While proposing a paper to an adviser, make sure that you have proper evidence to conduct an independent research.

  • Research must have a minimum of 2-3 research ideas that matters a lot in that field. Don’t focus to get graduated alone as this paper plays a major role in your professional life and makes you proud.

  • Identify the top conferences in your field and look for the best papers in it. Always have taste in your work like writing style and what effort it takes to reach the best-paper award category.

  • Know the pioneers of your selected field are, and among them who is a consistent participator in many conferences. Follow them and their work regularly.

  • Ask a copy of your adviser’ paper so that you can get an idea for their expectation. Also, ask what they will do if they get a chance to improve their paper.

  • Using more number of figures attracts the readers and makes them understand the concept with minimal effort.

  • Instead of using big words and long explanation use simple English. Constructively criticize all the referred paper till it reaches your justification but underestimation of other research papers is not good.

  • The limitation and future suggestion part should tell what you will do if there was an additional year in the Ph.D. study.

  • The conclusion must be honest and it should only reflect the knowledge acquired during the research.

To turn a normal dissertation paper into a great dissertation paper, a number of feedback is required. So approach all your research colleagues, and peers but from adviser get continuous feedback every month.


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