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Importance of editing and proofreading for manuscript development

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

For all the researchers, publishing a research paper is a primary goal. But publishing in a high-end journal is almost like a dream as it requires excellent writing skill. Similar like other skills, the event this can be improved through the step-by-step procedure and by implementing few steps at a proper time.

Source: Grammarly

As a first step, the final document must be edited deeply. Secondly, proofread check has to be carried out. Through this, the intended meaning of the research paper must be achieved.

  • While editing, the author can find whether all the ideas are correctly conveyed or not? The flow from the introduction to the last page is good or not? Because it crowns as a less proficient research paper. So check the flow if something is not good or irrelevant content is there then re-editing the content is the best way to inherent quality.

  • Irrespective of the stream, the future scholars would refer this research papers for their research, ignoring the mistakes could possibly ignore potential future inventions. Communication link and trustable information must be maintained always.

  • Do not rush to complete the paper in its place take enough time. Rushing leads to the formation of unnecessary mistakes. All the spelling, grammar, punctuation mistakes hidden in the paper affects the quality of the paper so replace them with respective solutions.

  • Each journal paper serve as an evidence for another paper so conveying the ideas in a neat and understandable way is advisable. So word-by-word review has to be followed.

  • The scientific terminologies and others abbreviations used in the paper must be cross-checked n times.

After completing the manuscript, the researcher must not send it to the publisher instead he or she must edit and proofread the documents several times on their own or with the help of industry peers.


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