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How to write discussion for dissertation

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

This is the most important and difficult chapter for students in dissertation writing. Statistical analysis was conducted with the help of gathered information and the results are summarized into tables and graphs.

Right from the beginning, it is significant to give major attention to the discussion section, even though it appears at the end of the paper. There are certain things needed to be considered such as the importance of the study, a relationship from the previous studies and constraints involved in study design. There are some general thumb rules to write an excellent dissertation discussion.

  • Mention major findings of the study – the finding should be direct and declarative also avoids data or references.

  • Definition and significance of the findings should be elucidated – the explanation should not be conceited and condescending instead it should be sensible.

  • Find the connection between your findings with previous researcher’s findings – assistance can be provided from the previous studies.

  • All the possible explanation can be considered – by considering more possibilities truth can be discovered with more accuracy.

  • Give importance to the limitations of study – every study has its own limitation including the studies in the best journals have limitation.

  • Recommendations can be provided for future research – the unanswered question is given more attention and it can also be used for future research.


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