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Is plagiarism a crime?

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

Definitely it is a crime.

Why it is the crime? because any content has directly taken from other papers without mentioning or citing the name is plagiarism. Plagiarism is considered a crime depending upon the type of plagiarism. Students who attempt to misrepresent the term papers of others as their paper. Though, Google searches find the plagiarists easily through different trusted software. We (Writeneed) support the students who felt their work may be plagiarized without their knowledge. We used plagiarism software to identify the plagiarism in all kind of student’s work not only term papers, assignments but also thesis for Ph.D, dissertation work of MBA and other students, Manuscripts include both empirical and review papers, systematic and meta-review papers, capstone projects, assignments, case studies, essays etc.

Drawbacks of plagiarism

Cheating in Class

Usually, student copying the work of the other students will not cause criminal charges but the student that copied will be punished or expelled from the school. Higher the educational food chain one goes more terrible the penalties for plagiarism. Using the ideas or research of others will damage one’s scholarly image and will bring disgrace stopping from getting a degree or job after completing the graduation.

Copyright Claims

Generally, plagiarism involves cheating artistic work of others. The copyright laws secure the original work of the photographers, software engineers, musicians, authors, and artists, whether the work is in print or not. To violate the copyright, one need not duplicate the exact work of others: taking a considerable amount from the copyrighted material is also considered a violation.

Many copyrights demands were controlled by civil lawsuits, therefore cheating on artistic works of others will not put one in jail but it could cost high.

Criminal Complaints

In some cases, plagiarisms are considered a crime. Many state laws forbid forgery or fraud, therefore if one attempts to fake, misrepresent, or copy prohibited official documents, then it will put them in trouble. Due to this one can also be arrested for faking their resume, particularly when they make fake claims towards the federal government.

Finally, it concludes that one must do their own work, as plagiarists will be caught at the end. If one gets suspected of plagiarism, the situation can be severe which may require an experienced lawyer with them.

Therefore, as an academic consulting and publishers of different papers, we (Writeneed) suggest and help the students to submit plagiarism free work in the academy to achieve success.


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