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Tips for argumentative essay writing for students

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Facing difficulty in creating argumentative essay- here are the tips to be followed to write an argumentative essay for students of MBA:

Essay writing tips

Identify a suitable topic and perception:

Find a perfect topic to write an argumentative essay. Select some issue and pick that flashes a minimum of two solid opposing perceptions. Select a topic that stimulates the interest in order to create an effective argumentative essay. After choosing a topic list out the points for both the sides of an argument. To shape up the argument, one must describe why the writer though is logical and reasonable. Finally, analyze the argument and ensure that one can back up the perception with proofs and reasoning. Work more against the conflicting perception.

Collect Evidence:

The main objective of an essay is to analyze both sides of the problem. Look for strong arguments for both the conflicting sides to shoot the statements down. The evidence should stick to the facts and should be an example that supports the writer’s side of stance. Reading more about the topic and getting resources about the topic helps to make a gripping argument.

Write the Essay:

After gathering sufficient information, start writing the essay. Like other essays, as argumentative essay should contain three parts such as Introduction, Body, and Conclusion. The length of the paragraphs is reliable on the length of the assignment. The first part of an argument essay must give a brief description of the topic, some information, and thesis statement.

Provide Both Sides of the Argument:

The body of the essay should give more details about both the sides of the topic and powerful points of the opposing side should be stated. Once the perception of the other side is given, present the perception of the writer’s sided and proofs should be provided to reveal why the writer is correct. Use different evidence from the anecdotal stories and statistical studies.


A perfect conclusion will reinforce and summarize the perception with the reader for why this side of the argument is the best choice.


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