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How to prepare questionnaire for qualitative research

Qualitative research widely used to understand target audience behavior, response and derive conclusion for the particular problem domain. This research is used to gather data related to sociology, psychology, and other fields but now – a – days applied for market research. Data for this qualitative research are conducted through telephone, interview, conference, and Internet. Before selecting your data collection your need to clear with:

  1. Research Topic

  2. Research Question

  3. Hypothesis for research

  4. Data collection method (i.e Primary or Secondary)

Why Qualitative Research?

Many have some dispute regarding quantitative and qualitative research? What do researchers need to conduct? For clear understanding, if you frame a hypothesis and need to derive a conclusion from a group of people through statistical analysis qualitative research need to be adopted. Generally, qualitative research is providing statistical support to your research.

Questionnaire Preparation

Qualitative research includes questionnaire as a major source of data collection to have clear data collection questionnaire need to be framed on following aspects:

  1. It needs to cover all research questions

  2. Need to cope with research objective

  3. Specifically mentioned about problem domain

  4. Well – organized

  5. Proper uses of open and closed ended questionnaire

For effective questionnaire, one can organize the questionnaire with respect to objective and research question. The questionnaire needs to gain answer for almost all questions included in the research. Once the effective questionnaire is framed it makes ease for collecting data and derive conclusion for your research.


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